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 Maher Al Mueaqly

Maher bin Hamad Al Mueaqly

ماهر المعيقلي

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Biography | سيرة

Maher Al Mueaqly, born Maher Ibn Hamd Ibn Mueaql Al Mueaqly Al Baloui, is a Saudi Imam and Qur’an reciter. He was born Chawal 18, 1388 Hijri in Madinah.

Maher Al Mueaqly grew up in Madinah. He earned a professional degree in mathematics and joined the educational stuff of Balat Al Shohada’ School and later became the students adviser in Abd Al Majid School of Makkah.

In 1425, Maher Al Mueaqly got a master in Shariaa from Umm Al Qura University. Lecturer in the Shariaa and Islamic Sciences Faculty, Maher was leading prayers in Abd Arrahmane Assaadi Mosque, Makkah. From 1416H to 1427, Maher Al Mueaqly was imam at the Prophet’s mosque and the Holy Mosque.

Maher Al Mueaqly’s discography including his recitations was released and sold across many Muslim countries.

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Umar isah
2 months ago
Beautiful recitation may Allah bless you and may he bless your family also
3 months ago
Alhamdulillah. I heard this heart touching recitation at Haram Sharif when I went to perform Hajj in 2015.
Mohammed Shehu
6 months ago
Idris Kassim Aliyu
Wish a long life

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