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 Muhammad Jibreel

Muhammad Jibreel

محمد جبريل

The Complete Holy Quran | القرآن الكريم



Biography | سيرة

Muhammad- Muhammad Al Said Hussayn Jebril is known in the Islamic world as “Sheikh Jebril”. He got the B.A degree in Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University. He learned Koran by the age of 9. More that once, Sheikh Jebril won the Egyptian and international competitions of Koran recitation. He was named as Imam of the famous mosque Amr Ibn Al’Ass in Cairo in 1988. Every year, thousands of people rush to the mosque during Ramadan to attend the Tarawih prayers that are lead by him. Sheikh Muhammad Jebril is, also, a University professor in Jordan. He has plenty of complete recitations of Koran. He took part and organised several TV shows in lots of Arab channels around the Koranic theme. At last, Sheikh Jebril is especially admired for the quality of his “Dou’as Al Qunût” (Invocations during prayer).

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