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 Muhammad Shahat Anwar

Shiekh Muhammad Shahat Anwar

القارئ الشيخ الشحات محمد انور

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Biography | سيرة

Sheikh Qari Shahat Muhammad Anwar [RA]
Sheikh Qari Anwar Shahat
Sheikh Qari Mahmood Shahat

الزعيم القرآء القارئ الشيخ الشحات محمد انور رحمه الله
امير قرآء العالم القارئ الشيخ انور الشحات محمد انور
برنس القرآء القارئ الشيخ محمود الشحات محمد انور

Shahat Muhammad Anwar is known to have played a major role in improving the technical and artistic aspects of Quran recitation and attracting a large number of the youth to the Holy Book.The Sheikh Mohamed Anwar Shehata is a Quran recitor from the Imam Rafiîi mosque; He was born on the 1st of July in 1950 in Kaffar Al Wazzir village, the centre of Mayit Ghamr in Addiqhaliya province. He was born in Egypt.
How he recites
His serene tone along with his mastery over the rules of music as well as his occasional use of Iranian melodies in his recitations are the main reasons of his popularity in Islamic world.
Although Mohammad Anwar is not believed to have an individual style, his unique innovations in reciting the Holy Quran have introduced him as an eminent Quran reciter.
Sheikh Shahat Mohammad Anwar is still remembered as one of the most influential Quran reciters whose sad demise in 2007 left the Islamic world in great mourning over his irreparable loss.
Following the great Quran reciters, Master Abdul-Baset, Mohammad Abdul-Samad, Mohammad Seddigh Menshawi and Mustafa Esmaeel, Mohammad Anwar is believed to be the most influential reciter. His uncle adopted him and taught him The Quran. He finished the learning of the latter at the age of 8.
By the age of ten, he went with his uncle to Kaffer Al Miqddam village where he learned about Tajwid thanks to Sheikh Ahmed Al Farraji. Then, he became a famous Quran recitor in the neighbouring villages like Al Wajh Al Bahri. He used to earn some money for his recitation (quarter of Junnayh).

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