Yaser Ibn Rashed Elwadani Eldosry - ياسر الدوسري - The Quran Reciters
 Yasser Al Dossari

Yaser Ibn Rashed Elwadani Eldosry

ياسر الدوسري

The Complete Holy Quran | القرآن الكريم



Biography | سيرة

Newly appointed Imam of Masjid Al Haram
Qur'an Full by Shaykh Yasser Al Dosari in high quality القرآن كامل بصوت الشيخ ياسر الدوسري بجودة عالية جدا

Academic Qualifications:


• Bachelor of Sharia, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

• Master in Holy Quran and its Sciences

• Master of Juristic principles of Competition (Sabk) and Jeala (a specific amount of money obtained for achieving a specific work), High Institute of Judicature, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, in progress.


Marital Status: Married and have three children (boy and two daughters)




• Secretary General of Prince Sultan Association for Memorizing the Holy Quran, Air Defense Forces;

• Member of Saudi Juristic and Scientific Association;

• Member of Saudi Scientific Association for the Noble Quran and its Sciences;

• Member of Saudi Association for Da’wa Studies;

• Imam of Eldikhel Mosque and Supervisor of its activities, Riyadh;

• Member of European Committee of International Islamic Youth Seminar; and

• Member of Charitable Organization in Kharj Quraa’ (Reciters) Whom Read on Them

• Shiekh Bakri Al-Trabishi (the highest Sanad (list of citations for successive narrators reaching back to the original narrator) in the world)

• Shiekh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar (Madina’s Shiekh Quraa’ (Head of reciters), in progress

• Shiekh Mohammed Tamim Alzobi (member of the Noble Quran Revising Committee of King Fahd Complex), in progress

• Shiekh Mahmoud Ibn Omar Sokar (reciter of the Noble Quran ten recitations)

• Shiekh Ahmed Khalil Shahen (reciter of the Noble Quran ten recitations)

• Shiekh Sad Sonbl (reciter of the Noble Quran ten recitations)

• Shiekh Abdullah Al-gar Allah (authorized with the Noble Quran ten recitations on the hands of the following Shiekhs: Al-samanody, Al-zayat, Al-akhdar, Abdul-rafeh Radwan, Alzobi, Karim Rageh, Al-Hozaifi, Al-Tarabishi, Abo-Alhassan Al-kordi and Abdul-Hakim Khater)

8. Annual participation in arbitration of the local competition of the Noble Quran, under supervision of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, he participates in arbitration of Prince Sultan International Competition for Memorizing the Noble Quran for soldiers

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